First Post! 12/16/2008

Well hello there, this is obviously my first blog posting and I'm a tad bewildered.

About me: Now then, should I have a page all about me - or should that be my homepage? Oh I don't know, I'm all new to this.

This week: I shopped on-line til I dropped this year for Xmas prezzies, and for the first time I had everything sorted by 1st December.

The DHL bloke that delivers to work brought me a xmas card in yesterday, since we're on first name terms with all the stuff he's given me from Amazon, e-Bay etc. Although I've only just started wrapping it all last night and haven't got very far.

I've used and abused Moonpig this year too, my nephew has a card with a bloke pee-ing his name in the snow - very festive.